Junior Strategist at Droga5 London

Tim, Strategy Director at Droga5 London is looking for a junior strategist.

In their own words:

Droga5 London is looking for a Junior Strategist to support and learn from our world class team of strategy directors and eventually grow into a stand-alone strategist.  The role will be focused on one or two of our major accounts. The Junior Strategist will be empowered to take briefs from junior clients and lead insight and strategy development on those briefs as well as working closely with the Strategy Directors on major briefs. 

The ideal candidate will have at least 2 years experience in an agency environment.  This could be a creative agency, a media agency or a specialist agency such as social media or PR.

They will need to be fiercely curious and intelligent, unable to keep themselves from questioning and investigating the world around them.  Some quantitative skills are required - they should ideally have A-level maths or equivalent, or have worked with quantitative data before e.g. media planning.  We are not looking for the finished item but for someone with the capacity to become a great strategist.

Our culture is highly creative and curious so to fit in with the office environment they will need to have many and diverse outside interests, be able to tell us things we don’t already know and have a strong respect and love for the arts.

Evidence of entrepreneurial thinking is a plus - whether that be operating a depop shop or running a social enterprise on the side.

We are very open to candidates from outside traditional creative agencies so long as they have a good grasp of how marketing works, how to operate in a service role to clients and have open and curious minds.  A degree or formal qualification in marketing is not necessary.

Interested? Contact Tim at Twhirledge@droga5.co.uk