Everyone loves an awesome origin story right?

Strategy has changed dramatically over the past few years. Today, account planners are starting to evolve into true problem solvers, capable of answering their clients’ problems with a multitude of creative solutions (not just defaulting to an advertising campaign).

We know that we learn best when we bounce back ideas, look at things from different angles (*cough*logo*cough*), and flirt with different points of view. 

This is why we bring all kinds of strategists from all kinds of agencies together, to socialise and learn through conversations with each other, over a drink or a coffee. No name tags. No £££ tickets. No sermons. We invest time in mentoring the young and the hungry, face to face, providing implementable techniques and guidance. We get interesting folk from inside and outside our industry to share their perspectives and blow our minds away. From drag queens, to clients, to heads of strategy. And we do all of this because we love it.

18 or 58, if you’ve bothered to read this far you probably belong here.

Welcome to our community for the next generation of strategists.

For our members we promise:

  • conversations not speeches
  • socialising not networking
  • learning not training
  • mentoring not lecturing
  • practice not theory

Press for happiness