Group Think Fest


The secret’s out. On Thursday, June the 13th we’re turning 3yrs old and to celebrate we’re putting on a mini-festival for our members. We’re talking a whole afternoon of events all focused on helping to develop strategists. We have 60 spots and tickets are £30 (to help us cover festival and community costs).

This is going to be followed by a party at 6:30pm, where we’re inviting the strategic hordes of London to help us celebrate with drinks in the sun (🤞) at Planner Pints. It’s free, of course.


Mind Surgery
A structured discussion on a topic related to strategy that gets us learning from each other – different strategists with different specialisms. You’ll either be discussing “Reframing the problem” or “Making the best out of objectives”.

Reframing the problem.png

Lazy Book Club
We read a book related to strategy so you don’t have to. We present the key themes of a strategy book for everyone to share their perspectives on it (e.g. “I did this once for a client and…”). You’ll either be discussing A Masterclass in Brand Planning by Stephen King, or Radical Candor by Kim Scott.

Radical Candor.jpg
A masterclass in Brand Strategy.jpg

Open Your Mind
An experience that’ll open your mind to ideas, communities, and people outside the realm of marketing. This time we’ll be exploring the interesting culture and communication of street art in Shoreditch, with a tour guided by Street Art London.

Street Art Tour.jpg

An opportunity to ask one of our amazing guests whatever you want. It’ll be a lucky dip regarding who you actually get to quiz. However, all are bloody brilliant brains and they’ll be joining all of us to celebrate after. Our guests are:

Grace Francis.jpg

Grace Francis
Chief Experience Officer at Droga5

Rachel Hatton.png

Rachel Hatton
Chief Strategy Officer at Oliver Group

maria mchugh.png

Maria McHugh
Planning Partner at Founded


Lisa De Bonis
Managing Director at Accenture Interactive

Note: For the 60 of you who get a ticket to the above events, we’ll be splitting you up into 4 groups of 15 ppl at the start of the day (to keep conversations fairly intimate). We can’t guarantee who will be in your group, nor which Mind Surgery topic, Lazy Book Club book or Q&A guest you’ll land with. However, we can guarantee you’ll meet interesting people 👍

At the end of the day we’ll be celebrating with one big-ass, open to all,

Planner Pints

at 6:30pm, in the sun outside The Prince Arthur (N1 6EB)


First round of drinks is courtesy of our pals Rosie & Faris Yakob from Genius Steals. Sign-up to their newsletter, “one of the top three resources for planners”* here (*2018 Siftly Planning Survey)



THE Afternoon of learning

Location: Shoreditch.

Date & Time: Thursday 13th of June, 12pm start (bring a sarny/eat beforehand!).

Ticket info:

  • Only for members but you can become a member for free here.

  • You can only buy 1 ticket per person.

  • Need to take the entire afternoon (treat it as a training day).

  • Open to 60 people who will be randomly selected w/c 20th May.

  • Ticket = £30.

Applications are now closed

THE Party

Location: Prince Arthur, N1 6EB.

Date & Time: Thursday 13th of June, 6:30pm start.

Ticket info:

  • No ticket necessary - it’s free and open to everyone.

  • Bring a strategy pal and let’s party at Planner Pints together.

Interested? Let us know here.

This looks far more ambitious than Fyre Festival.
— A Group Think Member
You might spend your days thinking about campaign strategy. But it’s time we campaigned for strategy. And a good campaign for strategy starts in a room of people like you talking about things that need talking and having fun doing both these things. That’s what Group Think is for. That’s what strategy festivals are for. Pull your finger out and celebrate your damn profession with people who do what you do. Even better, do it with people who wish they could do what you get to do. If you’re too good for the Group Think Fest, you might just be too good to live on Planet Earth. And you’re probably an asshole. And that’s why nobody invites you to stuff.
— Mark Pollard

DID You record your interest to the afternoon of learning?

We received more than 200 requests and applications are now closed.
We’ll let you know this week (w/c 20th) if you’re in the first batch to buy a ticket.