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Lazy Book Club #2 - Positioning Lazy Book Club in the perfect place

  • The Book Club 100-106 Leonard St London, EC2A 4RH (map)

OK so the joke: The book is called “Positioning”, the initiative is called “Lazy Book Club”, and we’re hosting it at “The Book Club”.

‘Positioning Lazy Book Club in the perfect place...The Book Club’ ? No? Ok. Whatever.

Aaaaanywaaaay. The book by hall-of-famer Al Ries, makes some bold statements - some have been heavily embraced in the industry, some have been flat out proven wrong. We’ll put forward statements made in the book, and discuss how valid (or misguided) his advice is in 2016.

As always don’t worry about reading the book unless you want to. We’re going to paraphrase what the book has to offer and then let the conversations commence.


As usual, there’s only 10 spaces, so reply to the event email to let us know you want to come.

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