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Open Your Mind by experiencing the Zero Waste lifestyle

  • Muswell Hill London (map)

As planners, we often love diving into different communities and behaviours to get THE insight that could change the world forever (come on, you know what we mean).

This November, we are going to explore a specific community that is truly embracing today’s challenges: the Zero Waste community. Over the past few years, many blogs, articles and even companies have successfully flourished to tackle a proper issue - the tremendous volume of unnecessary packaging.

More than waste management, learning about this community will have us diving into what it means to purchase in 2017: what we eat, what we display on our skin, what we clean with... This promises to be an interesting topic whatever you're working on. 

For the event we're really lucky to welcome Founder of Unpackaged Catherine Conway, one of the first thought leaders in London around the Zero Waste lifestyle. She created in 2006 a Zero Waste shop with the following belief : “The dream was to set up a beautiful shop that made it really easy for customers to come & refill all their daily essentials”.

Over the years, she has shared her entrepreneurial experience with many companies through her consultancy and has attended many conferences as a guest alongside Zero Waste stars like Bea Johnson.

So come along on Tuesday 14th to experience a Zero Waste lifestyle by bringing your own Tupperwares and pots and to dive into a proper bulk shop, like back in the old days.

If you’re interested in attending, watch out for your email invite.

We’ll meet on Tuesday 14th at 7pm at a location in Muswell Hill.