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Deep dive into the indie cafe industry with Assembly Coffee

Starbucks is dead, long live the indie cafe industry!

...  Ok maybe not.

Starbucks is not dead just yet but Britain is definitely becoming a nation of coffee connoisseurs. People are now treating it like wine – they want to learn how to taste it, where it's from, how it’s made…

The thirst and the desire to have better quality coffee has massively grown and this is why this month Open Your Mind is proposing you a deep dive into the specialty coffee market and vibrant cafe life; by introducing you to the Assembly Coffee team, a unique coffee roastery drawing invaluable insights on the independent cafe life and coffee drinkers’ needs.

And because these guys are oh so generous, we can propose you TWO different events based around the coffee sensory experience and an overview of the indie cafe industry and its associated insights.

On the agenda:
- Saturday cupping session at the Assembly Coffee roastery (Brixton).
On this coffee tasting session, the team will introduce us to the fine art of savouring a coffee, teach us how to identifying tasting notes and tell us how they branded the sensory experience of their unique blend with colours and brush strokes (yes brush strokes guys!).

- Weekday breakfast on indie cafe insights at Spiritland (King’s Cross).
At this early breakfast, Michael Cleland - Assembly Coffee’s co-founder and coffee strategist will run us through a series of invaluable insights on the opportunities and challenges of the specialty coffee, indie cafe needs and how to change coffee drinkers habits in a more and more crowded category.

If you’re interested to attend one or the other event (or even both!) watch out for your invitation emails!

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