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Lazy Book Club # 6 - Anatomy of Humbug

Paul Feldwick is a captivating speaker, you might have heard him talk at APG events, or in videos such as this one,… or this one. He’s actually everywhere.

In Anatomy of Humbug Feldwick, he looks at how we came to accept conventional wisdom in advertising, noting how flippantly that wisdom is changed generation by generation. From the hard sell, the USP, the brand story, the brand purpose and so on. The real genius of the book is not to condemn past theories, but to note how they on occasion worked rather well, and on other occasions not at all.  

The golden rule of marketing this book propagates, therefore, is that there is no golden rule in marketing. Because of that, we feel it will be an excellent book to present and discuss at the next Lazy Book Club. And if nothing else, it will arm you against that annoying client or strategy director who wishes to shut down your strategy because it doesn’t quite fit a certain template.

So if that sounds interesting, join us at The Red Lion, Hoxton, 7 PM on Tuesday 18th July.

As always don’t worry about reading the book unless you want to. We’re just laying out the principle learnings and then open up the conversation for everyone in the room (i.e. the pub table).

There’s only 10 spaces, so just RSVP to the email sharpish or email just directly at

Meet. Chat. Change.