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Q&A with Neil Perkin, Founder of Only Dead Fish

After a stellar Q&A with Kit Fordham, we're wrapping up the summer with the one and only Neil Perkin, founder of the digital consultancy Only Dead Fish, author of Building The Agile Business and curator of the popular Google Firestarters series. Neil has worked with clients such as the Financial Times, Warner Bros, The Daily Telegraph, Samsung, YouTube and Marks & Spencer. He's consistently regarded as one of the most influential people in the UK digital industry.

Neil brings a perspective that a lot of us might not have first-hand: the inside of our clients' organisations, how they operate and, more importantly, how they're changing. As a consultant, his job is to help clients transform their companies and become more effective through digital-first mindsets, tools and processes. And that job can't be achieved without a good series of conversations with the key stakeholders in charge of that change. Which sounds like a brilliant topic for a Q&A.

As usual, we only have 10 seats at the breakfast table. So look at your inbox to book your seat and join us on Thursday, 17th of August, from 8-9am at a cafe in Soho