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Q&A with Phil Lewis, MD at Corporate Punk

After an amazing Q&A with Neil Perkin, we are welcoming Phil Lewis, Managing Director at management consultancy Corporate Punk. Phil previously co-founded the London Strategy Unit, headed the strategy department at Albion and Proximity where he worked from brands such as ASOS, Skype, Zoopla, Adidas or Mondelez to name a few.

Today, Phil spend most of his time focusing on the teams behind the work and help design change management programmes, helping organisations large and small create their own perfect conditions for innovation and growth. 

We're really excited to breakfast him, his bullshit-free approach is refreshing and he encouraged our members to come with challenging questions. Therefore we recommend this Q&A to middleweight to director role.

As usual, we only have 10 seats at the breakfast table. So look at your inbox to book your seat and join us on Wednesday, 20th of September, from 8-9am at Soho Grind.


If you don't know what Q&A is, it's a discussion where you are the hero. Small and informal Q&As with top management in the industry. No written agenda, just your questions.