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Presenting to your boss

You finally get the job. You work hard to put your findings together but when it comes to presenting everything to your boss, it misses the mark. Sounds familiar? We all went through this.

Presenting to your boss is a challenge in itself that we can tackle together. We are not him/her... but luckily we've a couple of managers hanging in Group Think and they can help you get the basics rights.

In this System 1 Mind Surgery, we'll explore the tricky subject of how to present to your boss and get the best results. We recommend this Mind Surgery to junior members of the community. 

As usual, we only have 10 seats. Wait for the invitation email and click RSVP like your life depends on it (we're fully booked in 48hrs in average).

Mind Surgery is a one hour session dedicated to a particular subject, such as 'writing a creative brief', or 'questions to ask your senior clients'.

Later Event: 7 June
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