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Open Your Mind with Military Strategy

  • Barbican London United Kingdom (map)
Professor Michael Rainsborough

Due to popular demand, we’re going back to the roots of Strategy. We’ll be exploring our discipline through the lens of war with Professor Michael Rainsborough, Head of the Department of War Studies at King’s College who accepted to do another Open Your Mind for us.

He will share with us his expertise on “Strategic Theory” - how ideas and values shape the definition and understanding of means and ends in war.

Whether Strategy is applied in a Marketing or Military context, some concepts are very similar: achieving goals that are worth the cost, defining the criteria of success, understanding the value system of an opponent...

By sharing the 6 assumptions which drive “Strategic Theory”, Professor Michael Rainsborough will help us to ask the right questions before taking any strategic decisions - the core of our daily job.

As you know, the first round in March was super popular. So be ready to rumble when we send out the invite as we’ll have 15 seats at the table on Wednesday, 8th.


What is Open Your Mind?
We bring in (or visit) people who work in industries outside of marketing, like a gallery owner or clean wastage plant manager, to open our minds and gain different insight which we can implement in our own fields.

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