Meet the team:

James Lees, Co-founder, Senior Strategist at Sword & Stone

Arthur Perez, Co-founder, Strategy & Marketing Consultant

Jocelyn Turlan, Partner, Strategy Director at RPM

Marion Pascal, Partner, Senior Strategist at Blackbook London

Rob Estreitinho, Partner, Senior Strategist at VCCP Kin

Shona Read, Partner, Strategy Director at PHD

Pollyanna Ward, Partner, Digital Strategist & Marketing Consultant

Merlin Duff, Partner, Senior Strategy Consultant at Venturethree

Angharad Goode, Reps, Junior Planner at Kameleon

Jonathan Stevens, Reps, Junior Content Strategist at WE Communications

Théo Pons, Reps, Junior Planner at Founded

William Eliot, Reps, Strategist at Publicis

To get in touch with any of us, we're at