Learning from Generative Coach Alex Strang

Last month for our first Open Your Mind session we welcomed Generative Coach Alex Strang who talked to us about Generative Change as a practice to overcome our daily obstacles and find our happy self.

It’s all about openness!
First of all, Alex started by introducing us to the basics of Generative Coaching.
Generative Coaching being the practice of taking people from a present state to a desired state through openness. Because openness puts you in a state where everything is surmountable - and what better definition of a life well and happily lived than a life where you can easily overcome obstacles as well as spread that positivity around you. Right?

So how do we get to that positive and open state?

First, be aware by getting to know yourself and others.
Alex was kind enough to share with us some of his learnings and methods to identify people’s problems, in which state they are and how to unlock them to change.

The first one being a structure called the Logical Levels Pyramid created by Pr Dilts. This structure helps diagnose what people are holding back through a series of levels linked together and meant to be unlocked one after the other. (Yes! Us planners love diagrams and pyramid charts).

The second one being the observation that we actually have 3 minds and that all of them need to be aware of each other and work in sync in order to be in a fully open minded state.

Second, apply the Generative Coaching principles.
Finally, Alex took us through the 6 guiding principles of the Generative Coaching process (the 1st one being the one we’ve just gone through). Principles that he believes are capable of creating behavioural change within yourself. 

Generative Coaching Principles:

  1. Get to an open state by being COACH (Centered, Open, Aware, Connected & by Holding the space).
  2. Identify & set the positive intention or goal (can use the Dilts Pyramid for that).
  3. Identify your resources to develop a generative state and be pulled along by the world (can use the Mindfulness app for example).
  4. Take action (the use of timelines or archetypes are often useful at that stage).
  5. Transform obstacles and problems into opportunities and potential solutions (use your positive mindset).
  6. Deepen the change by repeating the exercise and keeping it going.

Alex taking our members through an extract of the film "Tony Robbins - I am not your guru".

Overall, a very enlightening session that allowed us to Open Our Minds to the world surrounding us, people and practices that ultimately benefits us personally and hopefully in our day to day work life. Thanks Alex!

So, if this has piqued your interest, make sure you come join us for the next Open Your Mind session in November. We’ll hopefully embark on a brand new, mind opening discovery.

Meet. Chat. Change. Repeat.