GT's Planner Pints #1 - We Met. Chatted. Changed. And will Repeat

GT’s first Planner Pints saw more new faces turn up than ever before.

In the spirit of Group Think, it’s particularly great to see Brand Planners chatting with UX Strategists or Anthropologists, particularly as many of us find the strategist’s skill set continually needing to diversify.

And it’s always great when we put new people together, especially younger planners that are looking for peers to learn from and grow alongside. (Having a planning buddy in another agency going through the same stages as you but learning different things is a great way to round out both of your learning.)

We hope to share a beer with even more members and members-to-be, next month.

Planner Pints 1

Meet. Chat. Change. Repeat.

Planner Pints is social meet-up once a month in a pub around Shoreditch for strategists and strategists-to-be. Mind the shots at midnight.

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