6 Months. +200 Members. 18 Events. And it's all thanks to you.

In 6 months, a new-born child learns to recognise its parents’ faces. It responds to sounds and bold colours. It begins to vocalise noises, laugh and cry.

Group Think has taken similar baby steps.

We’re starting to recognise what works well. We continually try to respond to what the community tells us. And we’ve tried to make sure that we're communicating to you the right things at the right time. 

After learning so much, it’s easy for us to forget that we’re only 6 months old. But we are.

Group Think is now a community of over 200 strategists built almost entirely through word of mouth.

You had us run 18 events in our first 6 months which is... Quite frankly mental. We’ve actually had to re-run stuff to keep up with demand.

But why? Why is it working? 

Firstly, there's a crazy appetite in the wider planning community to meet and learn from other strategists. Which there probably always has been, and hopefully always will be.

And secondly, well... If you've made it to one of those 18 events you probably know. 

We set up the community believing that the casual conversation you have with someone from a different kind of agency tackling different problems to you can be just* as valuable as the stuff you get out of hearing senior folk speaking into a microphone.

And it looks like that’s holding true. It’s the discussions that you create during and around our events that make this whole thing worthwhile for everyone (and hopefully for yourself).

So if you've come to an event we'd like to thank you for that. And if you didn't manage to make it one, but you're the reason some else did - we'd like to thank you too for spreading the word and believing in what this community stands for.

What’s ahead in 2017? Guess you’ll just have to keep an eye open** on your emails to find out...


Eyes Open

*probs more tbh…

**If you signed up with a personal Gmail, our emails likely end up under your promotions tab. Get them out of there. We’re not a takeaway or that fast fashion retailer you spend too much on...