Hello Dublin

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We've decided to open up in Dublin, to help develop the next generation of strategists also growing over there.

In London as much as in Dublin, the creative industries are rapidly evolving, and the role of the strategist today are constantly diversifying and specialising. But with this, agencies are coming under greater pressure, and it’s becoming harder to support the training needs of strategists, most of whom work in small teams with few to learn from.

Unlike similarly sized strategy hubs where strategists meet up regularly, there’s no ‘third space’ in Dublin where this can happen.

Until now. *Trumpets play loudly*

Just like London, we'll be trying to creating a space where strategists of all stripes can learn from one another through conversation. Share the good times as much as the bad ones so the entire community can collectively grow in an healthier enviroment. 


When we were approached by Rachel and Thomas, we knew they were the right people to partner with. We share the same values, they have a passion for strategy and a drive to move the Dublin community forward. 

We've been approached multiple times previously by different cities, but with a striving community and two brilliant co-founders, we thought Dublin would be perfect. 

The Team will kick-off with Planner Pints on the 13th of September and will have their first Q&A with Mark Pollard, CEO of Mighty Jungle on the 20th. So help us spread the love and send your Irish friends here

We're tremendously excited. Maybe because of the quality of Irish Guinness, certainly because of the opportunity for the Irish community. Or as Mark Pollard puts it...:

"Thinking alone is part of every planner's job. However, either by nature or environment, sometimes that alone time risks becoming all the time, and when it strays too near to all the time, it's unhealthy. That's why every planner needs a gang, a crew with whom to share the good times and other times, to discuss topics that offices pretend don't exist, and to commit a little crime. That's why Group Think heading to Dublin matters. Immediate gang, possible crime. Also just that little less alone in the head."